Toys Production Kit from Paper

Toys Production Kit from Paper (KOET004)

Price : $31.20

Raw Material: Linden Tree

Does Not Contain Chemicals or Additives

It is CNC Router Cut

Avoid Contact with Water

Kit Contents

5 Different Mold Models

1 Piece 100% Cotton Cream Children's Apron

1 Piece 125ml Paint of Your Choice

1 Piece 4600-03 Blue Edding Fine Textile Pen

1 Piece Trial Fabric Sponge Sponge 1 Piece Plastic Plate



The raw material used was produced from linden wood, which was dried in high-frequency ovens after cutting and carved in CNC technology.

It is not harmful to health.

It does not produce bacteria.

Our fabrics are 100% cotton ready to use, unprinted raw products. Our dyes do not contain carcinogens, are water-based, and are not harmful to health.

"How to print with a mold, how to clean the mold, how to change the color of the mold?" You can get the answers to all these questions and more information by watching the videos on Emine Kuşcul channel on YouTube.
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