Terms of Warranty and Returning




Terms of Warranty



All products are under warranty of respective producing companies unless stated otherwise. Make sure you check the product during delivery to ensure the validity of warranty terms. If you detect any kind of defect, have the statement taken down and do not pick up the product. Modifications on the product, deformation of the product or changing the original design of the product violate the scope of warranty.



Terms of Returning




In case the product which you have purchased on our site turn out erroneous, you should contact us via online support section of our webpage within a maximum of 7 days upon delivery. Following the information you supply, the product that you sent back to us through courier company will be replaced with a new one. If the error on the product is caused by customer usage or if the product has been used within the 7 day period, returning and replacement of the product will not be made. Consumer Protection Law no 4077 is the basis for terms of warranty and Replacement.




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