Information on Protection of Presonal Data



As Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi ltd.sti. We greatly value the importance of processing and storing your personal data in compliance with the law on the protection of personal data no  6698 (The Law). We would therefore like to inform you on our goals and methods to collect, process and transfer our customers' personal data and correspondingly, your rights deriving from from the Law.


  1. Methods Regarding collection of personal data


As Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi, we collect your personal data through verbal, written or electronic means verbally, via internet websites, social media, mobile applications and the like with the purposes of ensuring your benefit from our brands services, notifying you of our campaigns with your permission, recording your recommendations and complaints and setting better standards of service, assesing and implementing commercial and business strategies for Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi etc as the data controller and within the frame of our legal undertaking deriving from associated legislations


   2.Processing of personal data and purposes of such processing


As Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi we may with your permission collect, store, save, modify, update, periodically check and rearrange, categorise, keep for the duration that is needed for the purpose of processing or for the duration allowed by law, your personal and/or sensitive personal data through our call centres as data controllers, through our written communication channels, mobile communication channels, in-shop communication channels and/or not limited to those, through any kind of means, share with or transfer to real/legal entities which Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi works with or to state instutions and organisations we have legally or servicewise bounds with, in case of legal or servicewise neccessaties we may share/transfer such data to associated real/legal entities residing in Turkey or abroad.


Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi hereby declares thet it may process your personal data in order to ensure our customers' benefiting from services of our brands, to notify you of our campaigns with your permission, to record your recommendations and complaints, to provide better service standards to you, to asses commercial and business strategies for Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi and to implement them, all in compliance with Personal Data Protection Law no 6698 and associated legislations under all circumstances.


3. Transfering Personal Data


Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi will share your personal data with our group companies, business partners, customers that we are bound with agreements or that we offer services to, our suppliers, auditing companies or public instutions and organisations which are authourised to demand such data, and other authourities not limited to those, only with your open consent or taking the required precautions within the framework of the safety and confidentiality principles of the Law in Turkey or abroad for the purposes of running the company activities, assesing the business relationships between data owners and our customers and/or holding meeting for this goal, providing services and opportunities and increasing the quality of service


4. Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi will grant the Rights of the Personal Data Holders as mentioned in chapter 11 of PDP Law (“Law) upon the demands of those persons as listed below:



a. To know whether or not Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi processes their personal data and if it does, which data is processed,



b. To get information on the purposes of the processing activity



c. To learn the third persons that Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi transfers the personal data to in Turkey or abroad,



 d) To ask for correction in case the personal data is processed incompletely or incorrectly,



  e) To demand deleting or destroying of personal data in compliance with the Law 



  f) To ask for notification of third persons of the operations in case of a demand to delete, destroy or correct the personal data



  g) To object to a possible negative result deriving from exclusive automated analysis of the processed personal data



  h) To obtain a copy of the personal data.



You are welcome to contact us for your opinions and questions.



Title :  Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi


Phone: 0533 646 89 33


Mersis No: 0598141245600001


Tax Department: Üsküdar


Tax Number: 5981412456


Address: Bahcelievler mah. ay sok. hayal 1 konutlari D Blok Daire :6 Cengelkoy - Uskudar / Istanbul


Mail: [email protected]



Safety and Confidentiality


Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi requests certain personal data (name, age, areas of interest, emil etc) to provide better services. The data stored in  Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi servers are only used by  Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi and for the purposes of periodic campaign activities, editing special promotion activities towards customer profiles and “categorisation” works for blocking unwanted emails within Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi structure.  Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi never shares this data with third persons without the knowledge or order of the member, does not use the data for any commercial purposes outside its activities and does not sell it.

Customer data will be released to public offices only if a public office demands such data and it is mandatory to respond due to the current obligatory legislation sections


All data a member supplies to the system is only accessible by the member and he alone can change and modify it. It is not possible for anny other person to access and change that data. To keep the saftey of our precious customers who shop from the website at maximum, your credit card information which is required on the payment page is under no circumstances kept in  Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi's or its serving companies' servers.  Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi ensures that all operations related to payment take place exclusively between the bank and your computer using the interface of  Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi



Use of Cookies


 Cookies are small text documents or data that is stored in your computer or mobile device (eg a smart phone or a tablet) when you visit our website.


We use cookies to make our website more user friendly and to customise it according to your interests and needs. Web sites are able to read and write on these cookies and this enables them to recognise you and recall important information about you in order to present you a better suited website (like remembering your preference settings).


Cookies also help you take faster action in your future visits to our Website. Additionaly, we may facilitate cookies to gather statistical data on the usage of our Websites in order to understand how our websites are used and to improve the design and convinience of our Websites.



Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi


Address: Bahcelievler mah. ay sok. hayal 1 konutlari D Blok Daire :6 Cengelkoy - Uskudar / Istanbul



Mail: [email protected]



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