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  • To remember your browsing and usage preferences during your visit to Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi websites (for example display language, specific site display according to location etc), to make the use of Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi websites easier and to customise Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi websites according to your preferences,



  • To ensure proper running of various features and functions of Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi websites (for example keeping your logins active, placing active content etc),



  • To collect none personal, general data such as how Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi websites are used by visitors in terms of the most clicked connections, most visited pages, the number of error messages so we can make the pages run smoothly, develop our website, remove or improve the none popular pages by analysing this information



This cookies policy is valid for the websites run by Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi Ltd.Sti. (Kuscul Sanat Atolyesi) and during your visit to our site these cookies will be facilitiated in the manner explained below.


1. What are cookies?


Cookies are small text documents that contain data in name-value format and are generated in your device by the web site. Cookies enable the website you visited save information in your device and utilise them in your future visits. Cookies generated by a website are stored by the web browser you use to visit the website; acess to data contained in these cookies are only possible by the websites presented under the domain name which generates the cookies, and remotely in case you use the same browser. Cookies have become a major part of web technologies today and their main function is to remember the preferences of the visitor and recognition of the device; use of cookies is the case in almost every website.


2. Third Party Cookies


Cookies generated by the domain name at the internet address of the web site which you have visited are primary cookies. The content you access at the visited website may be provided by a domain name that is different from the domain name at the accessed address (example: displaying a content which is contained in a video platform via social media); therefore each domain name may create its own third party cookies.


3. What is purpose of cookies?

Cookies are used for the purposes listed below:






Cookie Type












Session Cookies






Session cookies are active during your use of the website and are only valid until the web browser is closed.






Permanent Cookies






These are the type of cookies that are stored in your browser and which are valid until you delete them or until their expiry date is due.






Mandatory Cookies






These cookies are mandatory for the website to run smoothly and for you to benefit from the features and the services provided within the website






Functional and Analytic Cookies






These cookies contain data on how you use the website, and are utilised in order to remember your preferences, to ensure an efficient use of the website, to optimise the website according to your requirements. These cookies may contain your personal information by natıre. For example cookies that save the information on  which language you prefere the website to be displayed with are primary cookies.






Tracking Cookies






Tracking cookies are the primary and tertiary cookies which are generated during your visit to our website and the domain names belonging to third parties. These cookies enable the tracking of the clicking records and your visiting history of the domain names which they were generated by and the matching of these records. Such cookies are not used for the purpose of identifying and profiling the users, advertising and marketing and customising the content. These cookies will not be used to asses your identity and to make decisions based on your idividual self.





The information collected through cookies is not used  for the purpose of assessing your identity, profiling on you or monitoring your activities at websites outside our Website.



Cookies are not used for purpose outside those mentioned in this Policy, all related operations are run in accordance with the data protection legislation. For more detailed information on how your personal data is processed by us, please read YMB Policy on Protection and Processing of Personal Information [1].

4. What kinds of cookies are there?

5. Administrating Cookies


Web browsers usually accept the cookies automatically. Use of cookies is not mandatory to use our website, however if you disable the use cookies in your browser the quality of your experience as user may decline and certain features of our website may disfunction.



You may setup your browser to block cookies for all websites or for certain websites, to notify when cookies are generated, to block third party cookies or to accept all cookies as session cookies. Additionalyy, you may erase the cookie from your browser or you can monitor the list and values of the cookies stored within your browser. Please click the link below to get detailed information on cookie managing functions of your browser from your browser's website.


6. For more information on cookies





 We recommend our visitors who would like to get a more detailed information on cookies in an articaulate manner to visit  (english)





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