Kekova Blue 450ml

Kekova Blue 450ml (KB4505)

Price : $27.46

water based
You Can Make Different Color Tones By Mixing With Each Other
Fix it with an iron

The paint consistency and color pigment are high quality and intense. It is water based. It is suitable for Wood Print, Linoleum Print (Textile application) and brush painting. The brush can be thinned with water for painting, depending on preference. It can be easily opened and closed thanks to the clip-on lid, and it offers the advantage of adjusting the paint consumption amount in a practical way. Instruction for use; Shake the bottle before applying. The fabric you apply; It is kept for 1 night, fixed by ironing at the first opportunity and washed carefully (mini 30, can be washed in machine programs such as hand wash). ? It is not harmful to the environment and health. It does not contain carcinogenic substances.
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