Edding 4600 dark blue

Edding 4600 dark blue (TK-Edng 4600_033)

Brand : Edding
Price : $3.90

Fabric marker for wash-resistant decoration and drawing on most light-coloured textiles such as cotton, silk and linen

Round tip thickness: 1 mm
The water-based pigment ink is odorless, dries quickly and is extremely lightfast

Fabric coloring pencils for colorful designs on almost all untreated lightweight textiles (cotton, silk, linen, etc.). Wash resistant on most materials up to 60°C after setting with a (non-steam) iron. Extremely lightfast and quick-drying water-based ink. Wide selection of vibrant colors. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CB1BmoUBkl9/ you can check the sample works from this link.
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