Dinazoy Mold Set Notebook Gift

Dinazoy Mold Set Notebook Gift (CRCSET0002)

Brand : Carioca
Price : $37.38


Carioca Finger Paints ;

Specially Produced for Babies 24 Months and Over

Has Washable Feature

4 Colors 50gr (Yellow, Blue, Purple, Red)

Does Not Contain Gluten etc Harmful Substances

Passed All Health and Dermatological Tests.

Molds ;

Dimensions are in the image

Raw Material: Linden Tree

Does Not Contain Chemicals or Additives

It is CNC Router Cut

Avoid Contact with Water

Pattern ;

The raw material used was produced from linden wood, which was dried in high-frequency ovens after cutting and carved in CNC technology.

It is not harmful to health.

It does not produce bacteria.

Finger paint

Carioca Finger Paint is in 50gr packages consisting of 4 colors.

Carioca finger paints are a wonderful experience for children!

In addition to its fun, it also benefits your child's skills such as motor skills, sensory development, drawing and pre-writing development, creative thinking and attention development. It is useful for gaining self-confidence by wearing the apron that he designed. The use and instructions of finger paint are stated in the Cover Letter


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