Carioca finger dye 4 * 50gr

Carioca finger dye 4 * 50gr (CRCPB030)

Brand : Carioca
Price : $16.25

Specially Produced for Babies 24 Months and Over

Has Washable Feature

4 Colors 50gr (Yellow, Blue, Purple, Red)

Does Not Contain Gluten etc Harmful Substances

Passed All Health and Dermatological Tests.


Carioca Finger Paint is in 50gr packages consisting of 4 colors.
Carioca finger paints are a wonderful experience for children!
In addition to its fun, it also benefits your child's skills such as motor skills, sensory development, drawing and pre-writing development, creative thinking and attention development. It is useful for gaining self-confidence by wearing the apron that he designed. The use and instructions of the pen are stated in the Cover Letter
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