Carioca Fabric Crayons 10s

Carioca Fabric Crayons 10s (CRCT00010)

Brand : Carioca
Price : $16.25

Contains 10 pieces of 10 colors.
Carioca textile crayons provide ease of grip thanks to their thick bodies specially produced for small children.
It is possible to draw long-lasting motifs on fabrics with the coloring pencils with 2.6 mm nib.
Thanks to its 2.6 mm tip, detailed studies can be done.
All you have to do to fix the paint is to iron it on the reverse after painting the fabric.
The iron will set the paint.
It is resistant to washing up to 40 degrees after ironing.
There are specially designed holes on the covers to ensure air passage.
Thanks to this system, the ink in the pen does not dry out.
Thanks to the special tip protection system, the tip of the pen does not break easily.
Made in Italy.

Painting aprons with Carioca is a great experience!
In addition to its fun, it also benefits your child's skills such as motor skills, sensory development, drawing and pre-writing development, creative thinking and attention development.
It is useful for gaining self-confidence by wearing the apron that he designed. Instructions for use of the pen are indicated in the Cover Letter
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