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Upon graduating from Mithat Pasa Vocational School for Girls and Marmara University Printing (Design Printing and Publication), I have worked for many years as a Graphic Designer and Brand Representative in various advertisement agencies.


I have come across Woodprinting thanks to my beloved sister Elif Kuscu and since then I continue to learn as well as teach this vanishing traditional art to as many people as possible. My career as an instructor started at Kadıkoy Public Education Centre and continues at Beylerbeyi Advanced Technical School since 2017.


If you would like to visit our workshop here are the directions:


With public transportation: The best way to come from Kadikoy is to take the yellow Kadikoy-Beykoz shuttles. You should get off at Shell gas station at Anadolu Hisari.

If you prefer to take the bus from Kadikoy take the 15 F Kadikoy Beykoz bus; if you are coming from Uskudar or Beylerbeyi (with Metrobus transfer) direction, you should take any bus headed for Beykoz and get off at Marmara University Anadolu Hisari Campus bus station.


Enter the street with Shell gas station on your right, tap “Emine Kuscu Workshop” the location I have shared on Instagram, then tap “Show on Map” and “Show Directions”

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